Using Wine to Enhance the Way Your Cooking Tastes

Using Wine to Create Flavoursome Dishes

You are probably wondering what you can do with all the wine you have been buying over the years. The good news is that you can use the wine for cooking different types of dishes, although some people also prefer to bake certain cakes using wine. Below we discover how wine can be used for cooking and how it influences the taste of food.


Tartar sauce makes fried fish tasty, but doing so does not add any nutritional value to fish. Fortunately, you can cook fish with wine to give it moisture andwine quote flavour without necessarily adding fat. You can simply add a bit of wine to simmering fish. Furthermore, you can also poach fish using boiling wine in a saucepan, or drizzle your fish with two tablespoons of wine after which you can proceed to bake it. Wine is excellent for marinating meat. Since it has an acidic component, it is a wonderful ingredient especially when used in marinades considering it helps make meat tender and has lots of flavour. Wine-based marinades are preferred since they help make meat, seafood and poultry moist.

Used In Baking?

Wine can also be used for baking certain cakes since it lightens up cake and adds lots of complimentary flavours. Wine influences the taste of food mainly because it contains two elements: tannings and alcohol. The two elements are mainly found in red wines. Red wines can influence the taste of food since alcohol gives out a texture sensation of warmth or hotness while wines with high alcohol content provide an impression of sweetness. So, when the alcohol content is higher, it generally tastes sweeter and this makes it perfect for matching a variety of foods. This explains why wine is used in baking some cakes. Put your creativity into action today and cook some dishes with your favourite wine.

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